V-Drums Acoustic Design
VAD506 and VAD503

Pushing the frontiers of live drum performance
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V-Drums Acoustic Design
VAD506 and VAD503

The V-Drums Acoustic Design series combines the look, feel, and raw energy of an acoustic drum kit with the streamlined features of Roland electronic drums, creating a truly powerful live performance.

These are the game-changing electronic drums you’ve been waiting for.

Experience the acoustic feel of dual ply mesh heads

Developed in partnership with Remo, both the VAD506 and VAD503 use dual and triple-ply mesh heads to replicate the true feel of an acoustic drum.

Feel the air resistance of the drumheads, bury the kick beater to cut off the bass drum sustain, and play with the same realistic response, drive, and energy you’d expect from an acoustic drum kit.

Get the acoustic look with real deal drum shells

A stunning black sparkle finish, shining hardware, and a realistic look that’d catch the eye of any drummer.

The VAD series looks professional, with 6-ply hand-finished premium wood shells, double-braced stands, and a stage presence that demands attention.

Solid Hardware that won't break down on you

Remo mesh heads, durable cymbal pads, and hardware made for the rigours of touring - the VAD series is designed with touring in mind.

There are no drumhead replacements from show to show, and no chance of snapping sticks mid-performance thanks to durable mesh heads, just sturdy, reliable hardware that keeps you focused on playing.

Innovative Digital Drums

Digital V-Drums change the way electronic kits sound and feel.

Digital triggering senses every aspect of your performance from subtle ghost notes, to crashing cymbal hits, capturing the subtle nuances that make your performance shine.
The revolutionary 14” PD-140DS snare drum - Using a multi-element electro-static sensor system, this digital snare captures every nuance of your performance. 

The 3-ply head creates the same realistic rebound as acoustic snares, while the powerful sensors inside detect every ghost note, rim shot, cross stick, and brush stroke. 

When paired with the TD-27 sound engine, you get a snare that looks, feels, and sounds the way you expect.
The modern CY-18DR ride cymbal - a realistic, responsive, and versatile ride cymbal pad.

With a thinner, lighter design, you’ll get the familiar feel of “pushing through” the cymbal, with the realistic swing and rebound on the stick for fast response.

Play with dynamics such as cymbal chokes and finger muting, bell hits, edge crashing, and more, all with realistic sound, decay, and feel.
Powerful performance without compromise,
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The TD-27 module:
transforming your performance

Inheriting many of the ground-breaking features of the flagship TD-50 drum module, and powered by the same Prismatic Sound Modelling engine, the TD-27 drum module gives VAD506 and VAD503 a sleek, reliable, and formidable advantage on stage, giving you full control over every aspect of your drums.

Create your personal sound with 700+ sounds, 55 preset kits, and 45 user kits

Hard, crunching rock drums, soft bopping jazz beats, or that thumping dance beat that gets the crowd bouncing - create and experiment with preset kits, blank canvas kits, and expand your samples further with external SD card functionality

Refine your drums with the Prismatic Sound Engine

Perfect your tone with the revolutionary Roland V-Drums sound engine. 

Adjust the EQ, volume, panning, tuning, muffling, drum size, head type, and position a simulated virtual drum mic to get the sound that drives your performance further.

Mix multiple samples together, pass FX over each drum individually, and create your sound on-stage.

Channel your performance from a hub of I/O connections

The TD-27 acts as the centrepiece hub for your band with a master stereo output, two direct outputs for sending drums directly to the desk, headphone connections, and a game-changing low-latency, 28-channel USB Audio output for live DAW connections.
Stand out with V-Drums Acoustic Design.
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